The Smart Advantage

The all-new Avanza is a triumph of form and function. Offering an upgraded robust body, the best in modern comforts and the latest in automotive technology, the Avanza is everything you need it to be.

MODERN ENTERTAINMENT- The car’s central console was designed with your daily use in mind. A touchscreen audio system provides you with all the modern amenities to make your ride smooth and enjoyable.
IMPROVED EXTERIOR The Avanza’s sleek but robust body creates a sophisticated yet aggressive look. A heavy appearance makes it unshakable while its flowing details make it a modern sight to behold.
Power and Performance
MORE POWER - Cleaner and more efficient. Quieter yet stronger. The new Dual VVT-i engine represents the best of the next generation of automobile engines.
Comfort and Luxury
SPACIOUS CABIN - New interiors and adjustable seats create a luxurious space that is both warm and functional. The adaptable interior of the car is designed to carry your family, business and everything in between with ease and class.