Legend Uncovered

The Toyota 86 is the result of over 50 years worth of research and development. Featuring a powerful engine. 50-50 weight balance, rear-wheel drive, the option for paddle shift automatic or full manual transmission, the 86 is truly the worthy successor to the legendary Hachi-Roku Trueno.

THE PEDIGREE OF CHAMPIONS The 86’s design comes from many legendary sources: the 2000GT, the Sports 800 and the Hachi-Roku Trueno. All these design concepts were merged to create a road-hugging, aerodynamic machine that has a truly unique look.
LEGENDARY SAFETY The Toyota 86 is equipped with all of Toyota’s world-renowned safety features such as a reinforced cabin, Vehicle Stability Control (Sport Mode & Sport/Snow Mode), high mount stop lamp, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and SRS airbags.
Power and Performance
THE ROAR OF THE ENGINE The 86 is equipped with a 2.0 liter engine driving nearly 200 horsepower to the rear wheels, giving you excellent street and track performance.
Comfort and Luxury
RACE INSPIRED Inside the 86 is a cockpit that derives inspiration from Toyota’s race-winning vehicles. Experience 2+2 seating arrangement with bucket seats and easy access to all controls.