Welcome to Toyota Isabela

We welcome you to TOYOTA ISABELA INC., an organization where public trust and confidence is a business. We at Toyota Isabela are very fortunate to work for one of the most successful companies in the world. A brand that has been enhanced guarded over the years by the rich culture of integrity and ethical conduct.

TIS was established in 2013 primarily to engage in buying, distributing, and marketing Toyota vehicles and genuine parts and to provide quality after-sales service to Toyota owners.



Inspired by the will to serve, Toyota Isabela, Inc. commits itself:

To be the premier automotive dealer in Region II and the best Toyota dealer in the network by timely delivery of quality products and services to customers with the end in view of making them “Customers for Life!”

To sustain company profitability and growth through sound financial and resource management as well as cost-consciousness.

To ensure the total development of Team Members by providing the best learning activities, competitive compensation and benefits, a safe working environment and the maintenance of an environment of trust, accountability and responsibility.

To provide service to the community through environment-friendly practices, provide opportunities to deserving residents, and engaging in activities which contribute to over-all social and economic well-being.


To be the No. 1 Automotive Brand in Region II and The Best Toyota Dealer in the network where amazing team members work together and commit themselves to provide Excellent Customer Service and Phenomenal Sales Performance.

Core Values

Inspired by Toyota's two pillars of Continuous Improvement and Respect for People, our people proactively crafted, defined, cascaded and continuously follow these 11 Core Values. These are the qualities representing the top priorities and driving forces of Toyota Isabela and form the foundation for the Company's decisions, as well as of the interactions with and among employees, business partners and customers.


1. Teamwork
Ability to work with team members in accomplishing task and ability to maintain harmonious relationship with subordinates peers and superiors.
2. Customer Focus
Ability to understand customersÂ’ needs and requirements.                    
3. Integrity
Ability to accept responsibility for own actions, face issues as they arise and display honesty on feelings.
4. Innovativeness
Ability to suggest new ideas and ability to perform new techniques and systems toward improvement of current processes and services.
5. Putting Company above Self
Ability to exert more energy towards the accomplishment of the companyÂ’s goals rather than working for individual interests.
6. Kaizen
Continuous improvement and self-changing for the best of all
7. Concern for People
Ability to show concern for the dignity and self-worth of co-employee.
8. Open Communication
Ability to communicate well with subordinates, peers and superiors and ability to listen carefully and respond appropriately.
9. Cost Management
Shows concern on company expenses and initiates cost-cutting activity.
10. Stewardship
Using your talents, abilities and resources in a responsible and honorable manner.
The ability to surpass ordinary standards that can be pursued through actions of integrity, being a leader in terms of products & services provided that are reliable and safe for our customers, meeting all obligations and continuously learning and improving in all areas to pursue our goals and objective.